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Types of Attacks
Attacks Effects
Traditional March This attack, if successful, takes away a portion of the target's land, and gives it to the attacker when his/her army returns.
The target's size in acres, Relative Networth and the Relative Kingdom Networth are factored in to determine the amount of land taken.

Raze This attack, if successful, destroys a portion of the target's land.
During war, this attack only destroys buildings.

Plunder This attack, if successful, will steal a portion of the target's money, food and runes, and deliver it to the attacker.

Learn This attack, if successful, will steal a portion of target's allocated books (~5%) plus a portion of the target's unallocated books (~30%).
A portion of the stolen allocated books will be destroyed.
A portion of the stolen allocated books will become unallocated for the source to re-allocate.
During war, Learn reduces the effectiveness of target science.

Massacre This attack, if successful, will kill a small percentage of the target's peasants, thieves and wizards.

Conquest This attack, like Traditional March, will, if successful, take away a portion of the target's land and give it to the attacker.
However, the attacker is only required to send 51% of the target's defence to be successful.
The land gained, on the other hand, will be significantly lower than Traditional March.
Sending more than 51% will return higher gains up to a certain limit.

Ambush This attack can only be performed against a target which has recently attacked the province seeking to ambush with a successful land attack, and whose army has not yet returned home.
If successful, this attack will return 50% of the acres stolen.
The defending army will defend at only 80% efficiency, and no other military modifiers are taken into account.
Offensive specialists defend at the normal defensive strength of their defense specialists.
Neither Anonymous attacks or War Spoiled attacks can be ambushed, and you cannot ambush a failed hit.

Additional Information

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