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As of Age 74, stances have been removed from the game and have been replaced by Rituals. This information, though outdated, will be retained for historical purposes.

A kingdom's stance is an unilateral statement to the world of the kingdom's intentions and is controlled by the Monarch or Steward. A stance differs from Relations with other kingdoms.
You may not change your stance if you have changed it within the last 24 hours. 24 full ticks must pass before it can be changed. A kingdom in Prosperous stance will automatically revert to normal at the expiration of the 72nd tick.

  • Stance Effects are negated in war.
  • Stances may not be changed during protection.
Normal Aggressive Prosperous
  • No Effects
  • +10% Combat Gains
  • -15% Lower Attack Time

  • +30% Military Wages
  • +10% Military losses
  • -40% Military training time and cost
  • +40% draft speed
  • -50% Construction time and cost
  • +200% Birth Rate

  • 72 hours maximum duration (with 96 hour cooldown)
  • -20% gains hitting out
  • -20% gains on magic and thievery ops out
  • 500% Explore costs
  • No Paradise spell available


  • Age 73: Fortified Stance Removed - replaced by a new stance called "Prosperous". Prosperous stance is almost identical to Fortified. Attacks into Prosperous will have no gains penalty; Attacks while your Kingdom is Prosperous have reduced gains of -20% (instead of -50%) and scientists gain experience during Prosperous.

Obsolete and historical data
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