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Money Peasants Food Runes Net Worth Land Net Worth/Acre
426,518 20,605 12,620 7375 251,721 1679 165

The Nub of Famous Kingdom (1:1)

Game Update
 Please note that with the server switch, Utopia is now operating in GMT!
 Articles: Possible Changes.

Message from Our Monarch
 Victory! Good job guys...

The Province of The Nub (1:1) as of January 1 of YR10 (next tick: 41 minutes)
 Race Gnome Soldiers 6701 
 Ruler The Wise Sir Awesome Halflings
 Land 1679 Acres Pikemen 16,365 
 Peasants 20,605 Golems 5357 
 Build Eff. 103% Thieves 3587 (42%) 
 Money 426,518 gc Wizards 1345 (68%) 
 Food 12,620 bushels War-Horses 305 
 Runes 7375 runes Prisoners 123 
 Trade Balance -143,268 Off. Points 33,491
 Networth 251,721 gold coins Def Points 139,532 

Our Kingdom is at WAR!
A Sapphire Dragon ravages the lands!

Recent News
January 1st We have found thieves from ZeusTheGreat (2:2) causing trouble within our lands!
January 1st Our mages noticed a possible spell attempt by ZeusTheGreat (2:2) causing trouble on our lands!
January 1st Storms are ravaging our lands!
January 1st Forces from ZeusTheGreat (2:2) came through and ravaged our lands! They captured 348 acres! We lost 79 Soldiers, 19049 Pikemen, 2140 Golems, and 4559 Peasants in the struggle.
January 1st We have received a shipment of 7426 Runes from FoxyRoxy(1:1).
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Top Bar

This shows your basic resources and can be viewed from most pages. It's quite handy as it means you don't need to come back to your Throne page every time you want to see how much gold you have, or how many acres of land you own.


Below this is the game time, showing the current date in the Utopian time system which is a bit different to ours. Each Utopian day is one Real Life hour, each Utopian Month is a Real Life day, and each Utopian Year is a Real Life week. So there are 24 days in a month, 7 months in a year and normally around 12 years in an Age.

Game Update

This section is sometimes used by the Utopian Staff to give important messages to everyone in the game, in this case it is informing you that the game time has been set to run based on Greenwich Mean Time.

Monarchs Message

The monarch of your kingdom can use this to give information to everyone in the kingdom, for example reminding everyone to build up a strong defence, or which targets to attack in war. Make sure you check this every time you login.

Province Overview

The main box on this page gives a list of most of the important things about your province, from your Race, to your total Defence and everything inbetween.

Recent Events

Finally listed will be events which have occured to your province since you last looked at your Throne page. This will include enemies attempts to conduct thievery operations or cast spells on you, attacks made against you or aid you have received from kingdom mates.

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