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Change Province Details

Change your race/personality, province name or leader name. This is a premium feature and requires points.

Vacation Mode

Suspend your province from suffering attacks and decay while on vacation. Vacation mode can then be de-activated by a monarch after 5 days if he or she wishes.

Province Sitting

Let a trusted kingdom-mate take charge of your province while you're away. This is a premium feature and requires points.

Abandon Province

Abandoning your province essentially deletes your province. Also, once you abandon your province you have a choice to leave your land in the game giving a monarch the ability to invite a player to takeover your province.

Random Move

If you do not like your current kingdom you may decide to move to a new kingdom at any time. But by doing so you will also loose up to 15% of your land, military and resources. This action is completely random and you have no control where your province will be annexed.

Set MunkBot

Sets a browser-specific cookie that will load munkbot script.

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