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Via the Explore page, a province may send out soldiers, at the cost of gc, to acquire additional acres.


The following restrictions are in place:

  • Provinces may not explore without the resources to cover the costs.
  • At least 50% of existing acres must be built upon or undergoing construction.
  • The Explore Pool must be greater than 0 acres.

Pool growth

The explore pool has the following features:

  • Starts at 5,000 acres at the start of the age
  • It grows by 50 acres a tick
  • It will decay by .25% a tick when over 10,000 acres in the pool
  • It does not decay if there is less than 10,000 acres in the pool
  • It does not decay in war or end of war ceasefire.

Effects of War on Exploration

The following penalties apply during war:

  • Exploration costs increase by 500%


  • Fortified Stance: +500% Explore costs

Addition Information

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