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This is part of the Utopia WIKI Formula Series.

THIS PAGE attempts to list formulas as relevant to Food. If you would like to add a new formula feel free to include it within the text. Ensure that you check the discussions page for Food to ensure that this formula is not under discussion/research, or contribute your research there if you do feel so inclined.

Food is a resource, and it is needed to keep population of a Province alive. It's measured in bushels.

Food Consumed

Bushels Eaten = Total Population * 0.25 * Race

Condition Modifier
Race: Undead 0
Race: Other 1

  • Undead population isn't alive, so no food required to make it not dead.
  • If a province has zero food, it will enter into a state of starvation. While a province is starving, its population (peasants, military units and thieves) will die off at a rate proportional to the food deficit. Wizards are not affected. This rate is capped at 5% and will continue until the province has a value for food greater than 0.

Food Produced

Base Food Production     = ((Farms * 70) * Building Efficiency) + (Barren Land * 2)
Modified Food Production = Base Food Production * Food Sciences * Fertile Lands Mod * Drought Mod

Condition Modifier
Fertile Lands 1.25
Drought 0.75

Food Decayed

Food Remaining = Food Stock * (1 - (0.01 * Vermin Mod)) + Modified Food Production - Bushels Eaten

Modifier Type Active Otherwise
Vermin 4.5 1
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