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Category Word Description
Game Terms 1337 Leet/Elite. Said when someone is pretty good at what he does
Utilities Angel Utopia Angel - a formatter tool for Utopia
Ops Anon Anonymity (spell) Usage: He Anon'd his attack
Game Terms A/T An Attacker which possesses equal thievery capabilities
Game Terms A/M An Attacker which possesses equal mage capabilities
Game Terms Bank Refers to a province in a kingdom which is significantly larger than a majority of the provinces in the server and is used to aid/fund other provinces in its' kingdom as well as slay dragons. Colloquially known as cow.
Game Terms BE Building Efficiency
Game Terms BF Battlefields (old server, was later merged with WoL)
Kingdoms BF Brute Force - a well known old kingdom
Game Terms Blanket Ops To blanket a particular op over a kingdom is to cover the provinces in a kingdom with a particular op Usage Orders for this war is to blanket MS over all their provinces above 2k acres.
Game Terms BPA Books/Science points per acre
Game Terms BS Bullshit - when someone talks a lot of crap
Game Terms B&S Bugs & Suggestions - Old Utopia Forums. The new forums have separate forums for Bugs as well as Suggestions.
Game Terms Chain A form of concentrated attacks targeting one, or several provinces. They are normally carried out in war (as opposed to out of war, where GBP applies). Chaining is normally done to overpopulate, taking a great deal of land from a province in a short span of time which causes their military to desert.
Game Terms Cow See bank
Game Terms Crosslog see Xlog
Game Terms Xlog Indicates that a person logs several accounts WITHIN the same kingdom.
Game Terms xlogger The person responsible for logging several accounts is known as the crosslogger.
Game Terms DBE Diminishing Building Efficiency - the more of a building you build, the less the effects you gain.
Game Terms Def Defense points
Game Terms dspecs see Defspecs
Game Terms DSPA Defensive Specialists Per Acre
Game Terms Defspecs Number of defense specialists
Game Terms Diplo Diplomacy. In the utopian world, this involves monarches and councils waving around their threats and saying Please Bend Over in nice ways.
Game Terms DME Defensive Military Efficiency
Game Terms DPA Defense points per acre
Game Terms EPA Elites per acre
Game Terms EoA End of Age
Game Terms EoW End of War
Game Terms BoA Beginning of Age
Game Terms Farm A province used to stock resources, normally with 0 thieves or having thieves to release when the main account requires resources. Usage Rune farm, gold farm.
Game Terms Fat Also known as Land Fat. Usually refers to a province having very low networth per acre or inadequate defense to cover the amount of acres it possesses.
Game Terms FW Fake War. When allied or friendly kingdoms enter a war to pump or escape from external circumstances. No ops or hits are traded between the kingdoms. On occasions when hits have been traded, the Utopian community have reacted badly.
Game Terms FTW For the win; used to say something/one is awesome. Usage Chocolate donuts are ftw!
Game Terms FTL For the loss; used to denote the exact opposite of FTW. Usage: xloggers are ftl
Game Terms GB Gangbanged; To be the target of several different kingdoms/sources.
Game Terms GBP Gangbang Protection. Applies when a province has been hit several times recently. This causes decreased gains for would be attackers in the future, until GBP fades away. A province's GBP status may be ascertained by casting a Crystal Ball and seeing if the province has been lightly hit/moderately attacked/heavily attacked. When a province has GBP as well, its' tax rate is automatically halved, to a maximum cap of 15%.
Game Terms GTFO Get the f*ck out
Game Terms Ghetto Generally refers to a disorganized kingdom which fails to achieve its goals. An exact definition is hard to come by, since some Utopians may argue that anything below them is a ghetto.
Game Terms Ingame Ingame private messages
Game Terms KNRG Kingdom Networth Relative Gains. Assuming no provinces have GS, both province A and B are of identical networth, and that Province A's kingdom is 1/2 the size of Province B's, this ingame mechanism means that Province A would gain far more from hitting Province B, than Province B would gain from hitting A.
Game Terms KD Kingdom. When prefixed with an S- i.e. Skd, it refers to Superkingdoms.
Game Terms Max Gains To hit for maximum gains i.e. within maximum gains range (~ 100 to 110% of your networth). During war times, this may be frowned upon as it creates 'land fat' provinces and may be against the war plans/ wishes of the monarch.
Game Terms Merc Mercenary.
Game Terms ME Military Efficiency.
Game Terms MP 1. Minor Protection or 2. Mutual Peace (a way of ending a war where both sides agree that there is no clear victor).
Game Terms Multi To play several accounts at one time (The accounts may be from the same, or different kingdom)
Game Terms Munk Login site
Game Terms Munked When someone is 'munked', it means that their kingdom has paid for their province to be proxied and is using the login site Munk. This is rather controversial, since the login site enhances the ability to xlog
Game Terms Noob Generally a derogatory term used to indicate someone is being a newbie and asking alot of silly questions. May also be used teasingly amongst friends when someone commits a blunder.
Game Terms NW Networth
Game Terms NUB A term started in the US Navy Submarine fleet standing for "Non Useful Body" also see Noob
Game Terms Ospec see offspecs
Game Terms Offspecs Number of offense specialists
Game Terms OSPA Offensive Specialists Per Acre
Game Terms OME Offensive Military Efficiency
Game Terms OOW Out of war Usage: The kingdom just came OOW
Game Terms OOP Out of protection
Game Terms OOS Out of Stealth.
Game Terms OOM Out of Mana.
Game Terms OPA Offense points per acre
Game Terms Ops Operations
Game Terms Pimp Refers to the site Utopiapimp, or to post intel in Utopiapimp Usage Can you please pimp his SoT?
Game Terms PPA 1. People/Population Per Acre or 2. Peasants Per Acre
Game Terms Prov Province. The thing you are supposed to run in Utopia.
Game Terms PK To kill someone's province, whether it be by a peasant kill (dropping peasants to 0) or razekill (dropping acres to 0)
Game Terms Peasant Kill Dropping a province to 0 peasants. Usually done by fireballing and kidnapping a province's peasants until your ops take < 9 peasants, followed by taking a considerable amount of land, leaving him overpopped (army out, unable to release). At the hour change, his remaining peasants leave - and his province dies. Usually doesn't work against active players
Game Terms UT UtopiaTemple
Game Terms RL Real Life, IRL may also be used for In Real Life
Game Terms Sit To run a province that is not yours, for a period of time
Game Terms Sitter The person who runs another player's province while the original player is away
Game Terms SKD Super-Kingdom. Refers to established and organized kingdoms with a history of being able to perform at a high level consistently, with the ability to war and land/nw whore.
Game Terms STFU Shut the f*ck up
Game Terms Strat Strategy. Something that is lacking nowadays.
Game Terms Temple UtopiaTemple
Game Terms TB Trade Balance. It keeps a tally of how much aid has been received/sent out by a province. It decays by ~0.25% per hour. When a province's trade balance is 4 times its Networth, taxes will be incurred on incoming aid.
Game Terms TM Traditional Marches (attacks). Also referred to as trads (not be confused with T/M).
Game Terms Retal An attack done in retaliation for an attack received.
Game Terms Tick Hour change
Game Terms T/M Thief/Mage hybrid, with little to no attacking capabilities.
Game Terms TPA Thieves per acre
Game Terms UtoNet The IRC server which is quite popularly employed for kingdom communication.
Game Terms VM Vacation mode, may also be shortened to Vac mode
Game Terms Unique Each wave of hits. For example, if you do two hits but within the same 1 - 2 hours of waves, it is considered to be one unique.
Game Terms Wave A coordinated effort where simultaneous things (hits or ops) are done at once, focused on one or few provinces
Game Terms Whore To go all out for Usage He's such an honor whore, using propaganda all through war.
Game Terms WoU World of Utopia [old server]
Game Terms WPA Wizards per Acre
Game Terms WW War win
Game Terms Arms Armouries
Game Terms GS Guard Stations
Game Terms Rax Barracks
Game Terms TD Thieves' Dens
Game Terms TG Training Grounds
Game Terms WT WatchTowers
Game Terms Anon Anonymity
Game Terms BB Builders' Boon
Game Terms CB Crystal Ball
Game Terms CE Crystal Eye
Game Terms CS Clear Sight
Game Terms Dice Paradise
Game Terms ET Expose Thieves
Game Terms FG Fools' Gold
Game Terms FL Fertile Lands
Game Terms IA Inspire Army
Game Terms LL Land Lust
Game Terms LP / L&P Love & Peace
Game Terms MP Minor Protection
Game Terms MS Meteor Showers
Game Terms MSh Magic Shield
Game Terms MV Mystic Vortex
Game Terms NB Nature's Blessings
Game Terms NM Nightmares
Game Terms Pat Patriotism
Game Terms PF Pitfalls
Game Terms QF Quick Feet
Game Terms ToG Tree of Gold
Game Terms TW Town Watch
Game Terms WS War Spoils
Game Terms AW Assassinate Wizards
Game Terms BG Bribe Generals
Game Terms NS Nightstrikes
Game Terms Prop Propaganda
Game Terms SoM Spy on Military report
Game Terms SoS Science Report
Game Terms SW Sabotage Wizards
Game Terms Def Spec Defensive Specialist
Game Terms Def Defense Point(s)
Game Terms DME Defensive Military Efficiency
Game Terms DPA Defense (Points) Per Acre
Game Terms EPA Elites Per Acre
Game Terms Merc Mercenary
Game Terms NW Networth
Game Terms Off Spec Offensive Specialist
Game Terms OME Offensive Military Efficiency
Game Terms Ops Operation (Thievery)
Game Terms OPA Offense (Points) Per Acre
Game Terms Spec Specialist
Game Terms TPA Thieves Per Acre
Game Terms WH War Hero (Personality)
Game Terms HC Hour Change
Game Terms HU Human
Game Terms DE Dark Elf
Game Terms DW Dwarf
Game Terms Dorf Dwarf
Game Terms OR Orc
Game Terms Warr Warrior
Game Terms WH War Hero
Game Terms Mys Mystic
Game Terms Merch Merchant
Game Terms Shep Shepherd
Game Terms MAP Multiple-Attack Protection took over the terminology for GBP
Game Terms NAP Non-Aggression Pact

Kingdoms in a NAP will not perform aggressive actions or ops at each other.

Game Terms CF Cease Fire
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