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This is the FAQ Page for Utopia. If you have questions, it is suggested you post them at the discussions page or put them up on the Utopian Forums.

Politics and Monarchy

Q: Some of our Lords have two votes, some have one, why?

A: There is a race penalty that cuts the bonuses from honor in half. This means a Lord of this race would receive half the votes of a Lord of another race. This penalty is currently applied to Orcs.

Q: I just had a look at someone's kingdom page, and they have two monarches. How do they manage this?

A: What you are seeing is a result of server lag as well as the setup of the kingdom. The kingdom has a dual monarchy system in place, whereby votes are split between two provinces with the two provinces having control of the swing vote. When monarchy shifts to another province, it appears that the kingdom has two monarches since the previous monarch's province has not been updated.

Attacking and Gains

Q: A province at 900 acres hits me (1000 acres) for 170 acres, then I hit a province with 1300 acres but only managed to get 70 acres, why is this!

A: Gains are based on Networth, not acres.

Q: My attack didn't show on my paper!

A: This is a commonly known problem known as a paper bug. Occasionally the paper may miss out your own hits. However, your hits will be reflected in your target's Kingdom Papers (take a Snatch News).

Spells, Ops and Effects

Q: I cast Nature Blessing 20 times, but I still haven't cured The Plague! Is this a bug?

A: Natures Blessing has a 20% chance EACH time to cure The Plague, the casts are unrelated.

Province Affairs

Q: I am unable to change science rate. I put it at intensive, but it only gives me the science points of Active. Why?

A: You are probably in Fort, War, or in the End of War Ceasefire (EOWCF). In this case, the highest science level you can utilize is Active.

Building Effects

Q: Guardstations! Tell me more!

A: GS only protects from resource losses - they don't protect from massacres.

Q: Why is my Mystic personality not granting me double wizard production according to my Internal Affairs page?

A: The Internal Affairs page lists the net effect of each buildings, not including personality or racial bonuses.