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This is the FAQ Page for Utopia. If you have questions, it is suggested you post them at the discussions page or put them up on the Utopian Forums.

Getting Started Questions

Q: What race and personality should I select??

A:It all depends on what style of play you plan on doing, and the needs of your kingdom. You can look at the current races and personalities here, Race and Personality.

Q: What should I do when I first join? What buildings to build for protection?

A: You should introduce yourself to the kingdom. Most of the times, your kingdom will post a Discord link where most of the chat goes on. Some kingdoms just use the in-game chat, some others use the forums. If you do not feel comfortable using discord, just send your Monarch or Steward a message in game and introduce yourself. You can identify the Monarch(M) or Stewards(S) by looking on the KD page. In regards of buildings, since protection is only 24 hours, we recommend you consult the leadership within your kingdom first.

Q: I'm a ******/******, what buildings should my "build" consist of?

A: This answer shouldn't be specific to a build, but discussion of what to look for in builds, and how one should be focused on the dynamic situation more than some constant "build"

Q: What does x building do? When should I have x building?(this will be the direct link to the page with all the comments for each building)

A: Building Uses

Q: What should I do with starting science?

A: Each province starts with 5 scientists at the beginning of the age. Your role should determine where to set your scientists, Economy, Military, or Arcane Arts.

Q: What should I set my draft rate to?

A: Your draft rate is set to 70% by default. A new province will take a while to draft to 70%. You can change your draft rate as you deem fit but remember, the lower the draft rate, the higher your peasant count will be and your Building Efficiency will increase. The higher you are drafted, the lower your peasant count will be, negatively affecting your Building Efficiency, but making your province stronger with a stronger military.

Q: What is military wages? What should I put them to?

A: Military wages modify the amount each spec/elite costs per tick. Over time, raising or lowering wages will raise or lower military efficiency. It takes 4 days of higher wages for the military efficiency to go from 77.86%(20% wages) to 112.14%(200% wages).

Q: What self spells should I cast? Which are good to cast? When should I cast them (note: this will link to a page with each spell and a comment on it concerning when to do it, how good it is, ect.)

A: Spell Uses

Beginner Game Play Questions

Q: What is PPA (population per acre) distribution? How can I use it to be more effective?

A: Population per acre is the max population a province has devided by the amount of acres it has. The manner in which this population is divied between various factors (peasents, thieves, wizards, ospecs, dspecs, soldiers, elites, ect) constitutes the raw numbers underlying a province. When thinking about how you want to run your province and how you can make it more affective it is good to think about how the population is distributed how that distribution is modded by buildings science and how this will perform in various situations.

Q: I keep getting hit out of war by massive kd's, how do I prevent this?

A: One way that large kingdoms(whores) generate land is by hitting random provinces that are in nw range. In order to know how not to be targeted it is important to know what they are looking for in a good target.

Q: How often do I need to play to be effective?

A: Utopia has myriad kd's, many with their own diverse goals. These goals demand varying levels of activity in order to be successful. In a casual kd, one may be able to log in twice a day and be effective, while in a more hardcore kd a player may be expected to idle in Discord all age and be available to log in at any time. There's a kd with most people on your level of activity somewhere.

Q: How do magic and thief ops work? What determines their success-rate? What determines their damage?

A: The success of a magic op is a function of the relative mod wpa between a target province and the caster province * the difficulty of the spell * the relative nw between caster and target. A common rule of thumb is that having *2 your targets mod wpa will grant decent success on most non-mystic specific ops and that having *4-5 your targets mod wpa will grand decent success on most mystic specific ops. NW differential between caster and target also gives a certain amount of auto-fail. Many WPA mods(such as the saphire dragon mod) double as an auto-fail mod. FB is partially immune to the affects of nw. Duration on offensive spells is a function of modified guild % with 20% guilds(after mods) giving max durations.
The success of a thief op is a function of the relative mod tpa between both parties, the difficulty of the op, and anything that might give auto-fail(WT or CS). The damage done by an op is a function of the amount of raw theives sent(up to a cap on all ops but prop), relative nw, and any gains modifiers.

Q: How do I calculate my attack so that I don't bounce?

A: First you should read the Ambush guide for more information on how to calculate an Ambush. The main idea is that the army being ambushed will only fight at 80% of its defense because it is being surprised attacked by the ambush. The information you need to calculate your enemy army's defense for your ambush include: Spy on Military report, Offense and Defense Values of your enemy's different specialists and elites. Once you have this information, you will calculate the army's defense: (eliteDefense*number_of_elites + number _offensiveSpecialists*defensiveSpecialistvalue + soldiers) = Army's_Defense . Now you multiple this number by .8 and this gives you the minimum number of points you must send to ambush the army. Values for defense of defensive specialists and elites are different for each race, so you should look this information up here on the Race page to be sure. Remember that you cannot count on modifiers and can only use ONE general for the attack. (Well, you can use more generals but no bonuses will be given). Keep in mind that you must ambush the most RECENT attack first, so make sure you are getting all your numbers from the correct army in your SoM. If you do not want to calculate the Ambush yourself you can simply take the SoM and then fill in the information on an Ambush Calculator - make sure you choose an updated one from the External Sites page or ask in the forums for Ambush calculators other players use.

Q: When/Why should I ambush?

A: When to Ambush: Before your enemy's army returns back home with your land - other wise you cannot ambush them.
Reasons to Ambush: Once you take your enemy's SoM, if you can attack your enemy, return home, and then still ambush them, this gives you 2 attacks for every 1 attack your enemy has made on you which means you will likely have a net gain in land over. During war you might need to ambush armies to keep your enemies from getting too much of your land or to keep them from trying to recover from a chain. Ambush is also useful if you are trying to harm your enemy's offensive specialist number or number of elites - by ambushing you could cause a decrease in your enemy's offensive power. A major reason to ambush would also be if you do not have enough offense to attack your enemy's At Home army - ambush could let you get some of your land back without having to use as much offense on a regular attack. Ambushes are also quicker than traditional attacks so your army will not be out as long.

Q: Someone said that offense is better than defense in Utopia. Is this the case?

A: It can be argued from both perspectives that OFF>DEF or DEF>OFF. It will ultimately come down to kingdom strategy. If your kingdom runs a heavy attacker scheme, then they will go heavy on offense and lighter on defense. This will ultimately increase your wages in the end, hurt eco a little bit more, but make for a stronger war kingdom. If your kingdom runs heavy on defense and lighter on offense, it will be the inverse of running heavy offense.

Q: There are so many numbers in this game. How important is the math in this game? Can I play without calculating everything?

A: In short - yes, you can play without calculating everything but you should at minimum know HOW everything is calculated. For example the attack war room tells you what percentage of the defense value you are sending in offensive points - you should make sure this your offense is at least 1 point higher than the enemy's defense so that your army does not bounce, but usually the default 101% is safer. Your province might not be as finely tuned as other provinces that are more planned out strategically by calculating everything. But you can still play without a calculator and there are many tools that can help you with this as well.

Advanced Game Play Questions/Starting Monarch Questions

Q: What is KD-wide nw/land distribution? What are nw/land tiers? How does it effect gameplay?

A: Usually you have all of your attackers within a certain networth range and the same for your TM's. This is done so your kingdom is balanced and so that there is no province that is particularly singled out.

Q: Why would I fit my race/pers within a KD-wide scheme?

A: Your KD-wide scheme will depend on your goals for the age whether it being heavy warring, casual laid back, or growth.

Q: How do you make an unbreakable(UB)? What is the purpose of an unbreakable? What should I look for in a province that I want to make unbreakable?

A: You make an unbreakable during war by taking out the enemies top attacker and creating a province that is able to not be attacked. With mechanics and operations though, it is more difficult now than in the past creating unbreakables but is still very possible. Once a UB is made, they usually train offense so they can bottom feed on chained provinces and continue to grow during war, feeding their kingdom with resources.

Q: How do I prevent the other KD from making an unbreakable(UB)? When should I act on the other kd's attempt to make an UB?

A: Usually to prevent an unbreakable, they are targeted within the opening wave. A UB will usually turn into a TM vs TM battle and who has the better WPA and TPA. If you notice that a KD is making UB's, it is usually beneficial to coordinate taking their resources, and having your TM's do propaganda and nightmare waves to open them up to attackers.

Q: Who should I target in war?

A: You should listen to the leadership within your kingdom for targets. Usually the monarch or stewards lead war or a dedicated war leader leads war. Follow their guidance and their orders.

Q: How do you win wars?

A: Working as a team will ensure you win wars. Some wars are harder than others. It is a strategy game. You will need to change up your strategy for each war.

Q: What is a chain? How does it work? When should I do one?

A: A chain is a target set by the war leader, a province that all attackers end up attacking during a wave. For it to be effective, the best gains are achieved when an attacker is within a good NW and Acre range and starts off hitting first.

Q: What is a max gains strategy? How does it work? When should I do one?

A: Max Gains strategy is when an attacker hits for the maximum amount of land. This does not mean adding hours to their hits though. Hitting within NW and Acre range as many times as possible will ensure the maximum gains are achieved. This is usually done when one kingdom may be down in land and need to gain back some economy, or it is also done when a kingdom is about to withdraw from war.

Q: What are some good ways to organize my kd-mates to be more effective through orders?

A: Have a strategy and orders set before hand. Ensure that your kingdom knows the game plan, and don't shoot from the hip. Communication is key. The better you communicate your orders to your kingdom, the higher chance of success you will have with your kingdom, win or lose.

Q: I know I am calculating everything correctly. Why do I keep bouncing when I try to hit this one province? How can I bounce people like him/her?

A: Old intel, wrong mathing, not using the bot... there are many ways to bounce. They could soldier block you or cast blizzard on you or nightstrike you while you are trying to hit.

Q: A province in my KD isn't playing up to par. What do I do?

A: Offer guidance and assistance. This is a team game. If nothing seems to work, it would behoove you to find a suitable replacement.

Q: What is a bank? Can my KD run one?

A: A bank is a province that is usually at least 2x the size of every other province in your kingdom, who can stay in an almost full eco-build feeding the kingdom with resources. Yes a kingdom can run one, but takes experience and much coordination.

Q: Should I only have my KD war when we are fully pumped?

A: This comes down to what your KD truly wants to do. A fully pumped kingdom looks scary. It could be in your war plan though to run a half-pumped kingdom to bait others into war, if war is what you want. Just beware though, maintaining and gaining eco during war is not the simplest of tasks, and should be coordinated by a well experienced war leader.

Q: We keep getting better as a KD, but keep losing wars worse than before. What am I doing wrong?

A: You may not be doing anything wrong, the other kingdoms could be getting better or just have been better prepared. Your time will come. Just have patience.

Q: If my kd can't make unbreakables, what should I be focusing on?

A: Controlling eco and troop counts should always be a number one priority. If you are warring a larger kingdom, your gains will be greater as their gains are reduced hitting down.

Q: What is baiting?

A: Baiting in general terms is exactly what it sounds like. Using a bait to draw someone in. This is done several ways. One is to wave a kingdom for resources or science and not have any incoming land. Another is suiciding a TM, opening them up for a full chain, enticing the other kingdom to hit. You could also use the "I Play Dumb" strategy and make yourself look completely uncoordinated.

Starting Inter-Personal Questions

Q:My kd-mate/monarch is a jerk, what do i do?

A: Be respectful. People do not respond well to hostility. If they continue being a jerk, it may be time to find a new kingdom to play in.

Q:My kd-mate/monarch keeps telling me what to do. Should I listen?

A: They could have more experience than you and may know something that you don't. It is good to have a questionable attitude but only to a certain extent. If you do not understand something, tell them that, and ask for help and/or guidance.

Q: I am getting razed by members of my KD. What do I do?

A: Try and find out why. You may already know why. In that case, make plans for how you want to continue your venture.

Q: How should I know when to defect? What is the best way to find a KD that I will enjoy?

A: You will know when you need to defect...trust me. The best way to find a KD to play in is using the Recruitment Channel in Discord or looking in the forums for kingdoms that are recruiting. You may have to defect several times or start over completely before you find a home that you mesh with and call home.

Third Party Tools Questions

You can also communicate in the forums to find players that might be willing to talk on DISCORD to help you or invite you into a new kingdom if they are recruiting.

Q: I'm a t/m, how do I use the Intel Page/Bot to be more effective?

A: There are many categories and charts on the Intel Page. There is a TM tab that you can utilize to see the enemies resources and TM strength. During war, there is an Ops Plan page where you can add and remove TM orders for Operations needed on the enemy. These orders are then displayed on the Mystics and Thievery page in game. For a list of commands to use with the bot, you can find these in the Bot Commands page under the Help tab.

Q: I'm an attacker, how do I use the Intel Page/Bot to be more effective?

A: There are many categories and charts on the Intel Page. There are several tabs to utilize on the Intel Site that can help out an attacker. One of the biggest things to look for as an attacker is an enemies defense at home, their build setup (if it includes defensive buildings), and their networth range. For a list of commands to use with the bot, you can find these in the Bot Commands page under the Help tab.

Helpful Links

Other questions can be preemptively answered by visiting the following links:





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